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    "Thank you very much for tutoring me.  Maths was always so hard for me but you really made a difference.  It was like a head start at school.  After the support you gave me I felt so much more confident.  I wasn’t shy to answer a question.  It also made a difference in my exams.  I could look back on what we had been working on. And finally you were really kind, so thank you very much."

    12 year old former student, Brentford

    "Our son enjoyed every session with Kath and we watched his confidence steadily grow.  Kath enabled him to sit his 7+ exam with confidence and enjoy the experience because he was well-prepared.  These are his words:  ‘I learned lots of adjectives with Kath which helped make my stories better.  Kath really helped me with my short division, it was very challenging to begin with but easy by the end.’"

    Mother of 8 year old former student, Shepherds Bush

    "Being tutored by Miss Clerkin boosted not only my academic grades but also, just as importantly, my self-esteem. 

    Having struggled with certain subjects, Miss Clerkin’s patience and gentle encouragement enabled me to learn in a comfortable environment where I was able to work to the same standard as my peers, eventually achieving grades beyond those of the national average.

    Without her initial support and enthusiasm for my learning, I doubt that I would have been able to achieve as much as I have both academically and personally."

    23-year old former student, Chiswick

    "Kath has really helped and developed my maths skills and more importantly my confidence.  She taught me that I can always do anything as long as I try and she has given me the boost to further myself to do better.  I am confident that her skills will help me in my future life."

    14 year old former student, Ealing