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    "Over the years, Kath has taught all three of my children.  Each has been to her for very different reasons and Kath has been great for and with each one.  A large part of her effectiveness is the way she sees the whole child and can pinpoint their specific needs.  Each child grew in confidence as they worked with Kath and for two, Kath was able to move them to hoped for target within a term. The other child sees Kath on a more long-term basis as she has difficulties that Kath with her experience is able to key into and help her by consolidating and clarifying things for her on an on-going basis."

    Mother of 12, 10 and 8 year old students, Ealing

    "Our 9 year old daughter has been seeing Kath for eight months for support with her maths.  She had lost a lot of confidence at school and was so far behind her peers she had started to dread going to school at all.  After only one session with Kath, her enthusiasm had returned and within a month her self-esteem over her work had soared.  She now thoroughly looks forward to her maths at school and has recently cited it as one of her favourite subjects.  Kath has a natural ability with children to boost their self-confidence, make them feel at home and give them a lot of fun in the process.  Our daughter really looks forward to her weekly slot."

    Mother of 9 year old student, Isleworth

    "My daughter had tutoring with Kath when she was in Years 5 and 6 in primary school.  Kath certainly helped a tremendous amount with both literacy and maths and she grew in confidence through it.  Kath had a very professional but caring approach and identified quickly where work was needed and how to get her to best respond.  Due to Kath’s help, she exceeded expectations in her Key Stage 2 test results and was able to move on to secondary school with confidence in her ability. She enjoyed her weekly time with Kath and was always eager and keen to see her.  In her words, ‘ she was very helpful and good at explaining things’."

    Mother of 12 year old former student, Kew