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    "Miss Clerkin is undoubtedly one of the best teachers my two eldest children ever had so it was only natural that when my youngest child needed a tutor I would go to her.  She identified my daughter’s weaknesses in maths and literacy and reinforced these areas.  Even after a day at school, my daughter would enjoy going off to her lesson with Miss Clerkin.  My daughter sat various entrance exams at 11, and is now in a lovely school and doing well.  As Miss Clerkin plugged the academic gaps missed in her school education, I can only assume that Miss Clerkin certainly had a part of play in my daughter passing her entrance exam.  Miss Clerkin not only has an ability to teach in a way which children respond to but she also has a great understanding of children’s emotional needs."

    Mother of 23, 19 and 13 year old former students, Grove Park

    "Kath worked with my daughter at a time when she was low in self-confidence and disengaged with learning at school.  In a short time she restored her self-belief and identified the gaps in her knowledge which needed to be addressed.  Now she is thriving in secondary school, a happy, bright child."

    Mother of 12 year old former student, Chiswick

    "When I arrived at Miss Clerkin’s I couldn’t spell or I would refuse to read because I was embarrassed at how dreadful I was at it.  After I had finished at Miss Clerkin’s, I could spell any word, plus I have now got into one of the most academic secondary schools, which only means I have to thank her.  Ever since my time with Miss Clerkin, I have been able to achieve my dreams."

    11 year old former student, Grove Park