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    "From our point of view you helped our daughter at such a crucial time.  Her self-esteem was low and affecting her school work and relationships.  We tested her for dyslexia when she was in Year 2 and we discovered that she did not have dyslexia but that she was hugely logical and that could have affected some of her learning.  It was at this time you were recommended to us as a possible help for her.  Her teachers at that time had predicted her a Level 1 in her SATs for reading and a Level 2c for writing and maths.  As soon as she started seeing you, her confidence and self-esteem improved dramatically.  You brought her right back to basics and her literacy seemed to improve dramatically.  Once that was under way, you also tackled her maths, which again helped her enormously.  When she did her SATs at the end of that year, she achieved a Level 3 in her reading and a Level 2b in her writing and maths.  We were so thrilled for her.  What was as important was that her relationship with her friends improved so much and she was much happier in herself.  She is now aiming for Level 5 in all her subjects and is in the top groups for English, maths and science.  She and we have found that this increase in confidence affects everything – relationships with friends, sport, her drama and dance and life at home.  We will always be very grateful for this help you gave her.  It made all the difference."

    Mother of 11 year old former student, Grove Park

    "My son in Year 4 has benefited tremendously from Kath’s tutoring.  His reading level jumped three stages within a six month period and his numeracy skills and confidence have grown significantly.  He is more confident in contributing ideas in class and I think his extra tuition and Kath’s encouragement has much to do with this."

    Mother of 9 year old student, Ealing

    "Going to Miss Clerkin gave my son the huge confidence boost that he needed just before sitting some entrance exams.  Completely invaluable and highly recommended."

    Mother of 15 year old former student, Chiswick