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    "I am happy to say that you have really helped me in my maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. I am certain that my good SATs results in Year 6 would not have been the same without your help.  For example, before I went to your classes I could not write a full essay or exam piece of writing in one hour or 45 minutes.  But you not only helped me improve that time but you improved my content and spelling.  In maths too, with your help, I started to improve tremendously and the speed at which I worked through the papers. 

    Another problem I had was verbal and non-verbal reasoning.  As I was due for an exam in both and did not know a thing about either, I was, as to be expected, very nervous.  Yet with your simple yet effective teaching you helped me realise that I could do the papers in the time given and they can be easy.  This left me at the end of the time in which you tutored me much more educated, focussed, better at learning, with a large dollop of confidence in tests and in uncertain subjects."

    13 year old former student, Brentford

    "My son started having tutoring with Kath Clerkin at the start of Year 4 and by the end of that year his class grades and his confidence had improved dramatically since Year 3.  He has always struggled a little with maths at school but whenever he comes out of a session with Kath he has a spring in his step and feels very motivated.  Her system of certificates for meeting small milestones really seems to work.  He is now in Year 5 and is being prepared for the 11+ exams he will take in Year 6.  The past few months he has missed a lot of schooling due to being very ill in hospital and Kath has not only supported his learning and helped him catch up but has been incredibly caring, flexible, kind and encouraging.  She is also honest with parents and offers good advice.  I am so pleased with what she has done for my son and cannot recommend her highly enough to other parents."

    Mother of 10 year old student, Chiswick

    "I liked going to Miss Clerkin as it wasn’t like another tutor I had heard about.  She always explained everything and every week we did something a bit different so it wasn’t boring.  And she never minded if I was slow at getting something.  I went up from the lower maths group to the higher maths group at school in less than six months and now in secondary school I am still in the top group, but most of all I like going."

    13 year old former student, Ealing

    "My son had always had some difficulty with maths, unlike my older son, and I felt that a lot of it was to do with confidence.  He started with Miss Clerkin in Year 5 and by half way through the year was coming top in class tests and the teachers wanted him to move into the top set.  I felt this was due entirely to Miss Clerkin’s patience in explaining the more difficult concepts and lots of practice in applying and reinforcing techniques.  Once he realised he could not there was no stopping him.  I feel that particularly with maths this is key to success, and the confidence he gained gave him a Level 5 in Key State 2 and has carried on into secondary school where he is now in the top group for maths.  On top of this I never had to persuade him to go and he never made excuses as he considered it fun and not ‘like school’.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Miss Clerkin to anyone who would like to see the same success both in academic terms and (in my view more importantly) growth in personal confidence of their child."

    Mother of 13 year old former student, Ealing