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    "In October last year, my husband and I were looking for a tutor for Mei in an attempt to prepare her for her entrance exams to secondary school in early January, a mere three months away.  A friend of ours recommended Kath so we contacted her for a preliminary talk.  We found Kath to be warm, sincere and knowledgeable, but also honest in her opinion about what could and could not be achieved within the time we had available to us.

    What spoke volumes was when Mei had her first two lessons, really assessments.  Mei took an instant like to Kath, which was helpful as she was not always keen to put in any more than the absolute minimum required work.

    In the short time Mei was with Kath, her school work improved dramatically and she demonstrated a confidence previously not seen.  She always willingly knuckled down to Kath’s homework, which is NOT because she had developed a sudden love for homework but rather a liking and respect for Kath whom she wanted to do her best for.

    On our part, we found Kath to be accommodating in finding us extra available slots, knowing our short time scale for getting Mei up to speed.

    The tangible results of Kath’s tutoring was that Mei held her own in her entrance exams, indeed garnering a place in the secondary school of her choice AND she moved up a level in both literacy and maths in her class.  Rather more important, but less easy to define, is Mei’s new-found confidence.  She felt more willing to put her hand up in class if she knew the answer (where previously she might have held back ‘just in case it was the wrong answer’) and has a greater appreciation of her own mental capabilities.

    I have discovered that amongst teachers the ability to impart knowledge is not the only requirement – that is a given.  The touchstone, I have found, is in being the sort of person that a child WANTS to do her very best for and knowing when to push and when to hold back.  Kath has this innate ability to bring out the best in her charges in spades."

    Mother of 11 year old, Acton

    "Kath Clerkin taught me when I was 10 years old and is certainly one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever had.  I remember especially how her lessons were engaging and challenging and I was always encouraged and motivated to push myself forwards.  She helped to instil in me a drive and love for learning which I still hold with me today and without which I would not have the same enthusiasm that I do.  I am very lucky that I was taught by her."

    20 year old former student, Grove Park, Chiswick

    "My son was an able boy who benefited enormously from Kath Clerkin’s inspirational teaching and the way she identified his specific needs.  He was very happy in her class and made significant leaps academically.

    On entering Colet Court, aged 10, his teachers commented on a number of occasions that he had been very well taught and he was made an Academic Scholar at the end of his first year."

    "He is now at Oxford."

    Mother of 21 year old former student, Grove Park