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    "Miss Clerkin is undoubtedly one of the best teachers my two eldest children ever had so it was only natural that when my youngest child needed a tutor I would go to her. She identified my daughter's weaknesses in maths and literacy and reinforced these areas. Even after a day at school, my daughter would enjoy going off to her lesson with Miss Clerkin. My daughter sat various entrance exams at 11, and is now in a lovely school and doing well.

    As Miss Clerkin plugged the academic gaps missed in her school education, I can only assume that Miss Clerkin certainly had a part of play in my daughter passing her entrance exam. Miss Clerkin not only has an ability to teach in a way which children respond to but she also has a great understanding of children's emotional needs."

    Mother of 23, 19 and 13 year old former students, Grove Park 

    "Our son was struggling with his maths - couple of poor exam results, a teacher he didn't like, lack of understanding - had all contributed to his loss of confidence and instilled panic and dread of the subject. Despite our best efforts and intentions, our attempts to help invariably wound up both him and ourselves. He was due to sit his Common Entrance exams the following year and being a conscientious lad we desperately wanted him to reap some rewards for his efforts.

    Kath came to the rescue. Over a period of time, his attitude to his work turned round. This was not just in maths but generally there was a lovely subtle confidence where there used to be panic. Kath had identified his fear, identified its source and in her gentle but strong way reinforced his self-belief...and we shall be forever grateful.

    Sometimes as parents we are just too 'close' for our children to really listen and absorb what we say, yet from an independent person they will listen, receive and hold on to what they hear. Kath is such a safe pair of hands to steer your child to. Whilst our son's maths improved, he gained so much more. Affirmation and self-belief which have continue to grow."

    Mother of 12 year old boy, Chiswick

    Kath is a patient inspirational tutor. We initially asked for her help with our son when he was 8 years old for Maths and English. He confidence and ability grew with Kath, he loved his sessions with her especially English and his grades improved. She also helped him with his entrance exams for secondary school, which he passed with flying colours.

    We were so pleased with kath's tutoring that we sent our daughter for extra maths and English tuition throughout her primary school days, she now in secondary school and is confident and performing well in maths and is in the gifted and talented classes for English.

    We have recommended Kath to several parents and they have all been incredible pleased with her amazing talents as a tutor and her ability to get the best out of the children which has given them confidence in subjects that they would otherwise struugle with.

    Thank you so much kath. We are forever grateful and appreciative for your help with our children, they are both in secondary school and doing incredible well.

    Warm regards

    Sherron and Justin Culver. Brentford

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